CardiAid Semi Automated Defibrillator

CardiAid Semi Automated Defibrillator
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CardiAid CT0207 Defibrillator


   It's no surprise then that this is the result of German design. This nifty, sleek and user friendly AED can be used in a medical emergency at any level. It's fuss free design means that saving a life can be super fast and effective, with diagrams to follow whilst a vocal prompt guides you through the stages of life saving. Simple. The electrode pads come fully attached to avoid any fiddling nonsense in such a time critical activity, and diagrams on the packaging help show you where to place them. This defib is so uncomplicated that it only has one button (since opening the device switches it on) which gives the life saving shock. The trouble-free premise of this unit being 'ready to use, ready to save' really does shine through not only in its sophisticated design, but in its medical requirements.

Can it really be that easy? Let's be clear here, saving a life isn't something to be taken lightly, but here at aed-defib-shop we want it to come as natural to you as possible. That's why we try to give you this information in the most understandable way possible.

We're sure that this 4 step guide will give you the confidence you need, both in yourself and in the product, to carry out such an important job:

Step 1: Open the lid, you have now activated the defib and it's ready to use...

Step 2: There will be a red light on the defib indicating which of the 4 diagrams to follow and the voice prompt will guide you through. Call for medical assistance, and remove any clothing from the casualty's chest.

Step 3: There will be a wire connected to some sticky pads (these are the electrodes that the shock will pass through), follow the 4-step-instructions on the packet and the voice prompts and place them correctly on the chest of the victim as indicated.

Step 4: Your Cardiaid CT0207 will try to establish if theres a shockable heart rhythm via the pads, and if so, will prompt you to press the heart shaped button in the middle to activate the shock. Keep following the CPR prompts until medical help arrives.

Step 5: During the Servicare all-inclusive service agreement period* (free for first two years) contact us at, or on freephone: 0800 0431 327, and we'll arrange for return of the unit for service and replacement of battery and pads (England & Wales: on-site engineer visit).

* Servicare service agreement package sold separately - see under "Cardiaid electrode pads"The CardiAid Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is delivered with CardiAid Defibrillation Electrodes as standard equipment. The CardiAid AED both assesses the heart rhythm and delivers the life-saving electroshock through these special electrodes if necessary. The electrode pads are pre-connected to save time during a defibrillation attempt.

*Please note that electrodes and batteries for Cardiaid CT0207 defibrillators are only supplied as part of our unique 2 year manufacturers "Servicare" package.* (SEE CA2013 for full details)

This service package ensures that your unit is always ready for use. Should you have any problems OR you require to use the Cardiaid CT0207 AED during the 2 year "Servicare" period agreement, we will

  • arrange to uplift your existing unit from your premises and bring a loan unit for your sole use whilst it is away at the manufacturer for service;
  • have the old battery replaced with a brand new one
  • have the used pads replaced with a brand new set
  • be fully checked to ensure it is fully functional and provide any new parts free of charge that may be required

Only then will we return your unit to you and uplift the loan unit.

and we'll do this as many times as necessary during the 2 year Servicare agreement period.

All office/work environments should be equipped with an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) In the event of a cardiac arrest  the ready availability of a Defibrillator could save the life of a colleague or friend. We stock a extensive range of defibrillators, electrodes and accessories from all major suppliers – Cardiac Science, Cardiaid, Zoll, Philips, Defibtech, Laerdal and Physio Control, all at highly competitive prices allied to award winning after sales service and support. Call us now for advice on which defibrillator is most appropriate to your work/sport/home environment.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. When it happens, Automated External Defibrillator technology can make the difference between life and death.



  • Non-polarized design - Pads can be located on either side of the chest
  • Adult use from 8 years up
  • Simple to use visual graphics interface
  • Sealed packaging to preserve integrity
  • For use with CT0207 units
Inc CT0207 Semi Automatic AED
Inc 1 x set Electrode pads
Inc Rescue Pack
Inc Carry Case

We also have an extensive range of AED accessories and can provide on site or classroom based AED training, and have some of the best deals available on Evac chairs, servicing and Evac chair training. We offer the full range of Evac chairs for immediate delivery.

Energy delivery Joules 181 - 237
IP (Water) eg X4 4
ECG capability? No
Manual/ Automatic capability Manual
Battery life 2
Electrode pad life (Years) 2,5
Paediatric use Optional
10 year cost of ownership 2049
Warranty (Years) 6

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